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Balalaika lessons

We offer balalaika lessons to those who wish to master this exciting and unique instrument.

Some knowledge of the principles of musical notation and the theory of music will definitely come in handy. This will help you learn to play the instrument quicker and easier. There is nothing to worry about, however, if you are a complete novice in music. The lessons offered will not only serve their main purpose but will also introduce you to some basics in the theory of music.

Lesson are conducted using the orthodox method of balalaika training: the school of P. Necheporenko.
The course is designed for a minimum period of one year. During this time, if you work hard and attend the lessons regularly, you can learn to play the balalaika at a level that will allow you to perform at private concerts and play the music from the repertoire of a 2-3 year student of a music school. You will be able to read the balalaika notation as easily as you read books.

If you would like to become a professional balalaika player, the training will take at least seven years and you should not be older than 8 years old when you start learning.
The balalaika is a difficult instrument to master. It takes as much effort as learning to play the violin, for instance. That is why, before you start, you need to define the purpose and to analyse your time budget, because to make progress you need to train at home at least one hour a day. You should also consider the sound absorption in the room where you plan to train. Not all of your neighbours and family members will be glad to hear the same sounds over and over again.

But if you are really into playing the balalaika, the sky is the limit and it is possible that one day you will be called “Paganini of the Russian balalaika”…

If you live far from Tallinn, you can take lessons on skype.

Balalaika lessons - 15 euro\h      Contact telephone number +372 58508203      info@balalayka.eu