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Ilya Lunin’s artistic career:

Ilya Lunin is a high-class performer playing a rare and unique musical instrument – the balalaika. Ilya graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts where his balalaika teacher was the renowned professor V.D. Gleichman.

Ilya played in the Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments led by the eminent conductor V.P. Dubrovsky as well as in the State Academic Russian Folk Ensemble “Rossiya” when its soloist and leader was the famous performer of the Russian folk songs – the People’s Artist of the USSA Lyudmila Zykina. With these collectives Ilya Lunin acted in the USA, Austria and China, on many scenes across all Russia and in the most prestigious concert halls of Moscow and St. Petersburg, including the Big hall of the Moscow conservatory, the Concert hall of P.I.Tchaikovsky, the Columned hall of the house of the unions, Halls of a sankt-peterburzhsky philharmonic society.

Ensemble of the Russian Folk Instruments “ROSSIYA”

In these music teams Ilya Lunin’s orchestra partner was the talented musician and virtuoso balalaika player Aleksei Arkhipovsky.

Today Ilya Lunin has his own concert programme comprising a very wide range of genres from the traditional Russian folklore to the best selection of popular music of the world. Ilya Lunin's mastery of the instrument also allows him to successfully perform various classical pieces.

Since 2012 Ilya Luinin has been living and working in Estonia offering his concert programme to those who are willing to enjoy the marvellous sounds of the Russian balalaika in all European countries.

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