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Dear visitors! Welcome to the website of the OÜ Libretto and musician Ilya Lunin


The instrument that Ilya Lunin plays is called BALALAIKA. It is a traditional Russian folk instrument with a triangular wooden body. The balalaika became popular in Russia at the end of the 17th century. This instrument has a unique and distinctive timbre which makes it possible to perform both soft, soulful and lyrical as well as energetic and dynamic tunes. In Europe balalaika performances at a high professional level are quite rare. On this website you can listen to balalaika, watch how it is played and see how it transforms popular Western music and songs. Since 2013, Ilya Lunin acts as one, and in a duo with guitarist Aleksander Peljovin.


ETV2 Channal, First Baltic Channal and other MEDIA >>>


For producers and organisers of multi-artist concerts and festivals we offer the performance of the balalaika player who can play the entire concert. Are you looking for live music for a party, wedding, banquet or anniversary? The performance of the BALALAIKA AND GUITAR DUO will give you and your guests immense delight! You will be able to enjoy a true live concert – emotional, exiting and entertaining! The repertoire includes Russian folk and sentimental art songs, folk tunes and popular dance music of various countries, international hits, balalaika arrangements of songs by ABBA, Beatles, Demis Russos and much more.